The World’s Famous Supreme Team
are true pioneers of hip hop.

The “World’s Famous Supreme Team” originated in 1979 in New York, when Sedivine the Mastermind (Divine) founder of the “World’s Famous Supreme Team”, and Just Allah the Superstar (Justice), took on rhyming to the beat, known as rapping.


It was taking the media by storm, and was taking no shorts! The “World’s Famous Supreme Team” was making hip hop history. The late 70′s and early 80′s was indeed the hip hop era.

The WFST hosted and Deejayed the best of the parties … and soon landed a spot on WHBI 105.9 FM, in New York. The one hour show was named after them, the World’s Famous Supreme Team Show.

It made quite a bit of noise, so much in fact, that it caught the attention of Malcolm Mclaren in London, England.

The combination of Deejaying and rapping – hip hop led to their first recording, Buffalo Gals. It was a collaboration with Malcolm Mclaren and coincidentally a group called The Art of Noise! Buffalo Gals was produced by Trevor Horn, Ann Dudley and Gary Langan (AON). Throughout the 1980′s and mid 1990′s, “Buffalo Gals”, “She’s Looking Like a Hobo , “D’ya like Scratchin’?, and “World’s Famous” were amongst other hits released on Charisma Records, Polygram Records, and Island Records.


The World’s Famous Supreme Team began to travel, and during a stay in London, they taught the young how to mix and scratch. A Hip Hop Original and Best EP Sampler was released with the World’s Famous Supreme Team, Rock Steady Crew and Malcolm Mclaren on Jugoton and Charisma Records and much more.

Then the World’s Famous Supreme Team released their own debut single, “Hey DJ”, sung by Ah’yae – the Hey DJ Gal from the old days, which became an infamous hit, and reaching 10 on the Billboard Charts. Hey Dj was released on Charisma/Virgin Records in England, and then later released on Island Records in the U.S.

This classic was sampled by Both P Diddy and Jermaine Dupri with Mariah Carey on the track entitled “Honey”, De La Soul, Warren G and Az, amongst others over the past 23 years.

Then the debut album “Rappin’” was released in 1986 with other hits, like “Planet E”, Radio Man” and “City Life”, produced by Bradshaw Leigh on both Charisma/Virgin and Island Records.

A Compilation album was released in 1998 with artists, KRS – One, De La Soul, Rakim, Soulson and others on Virgin Records and produced by Henri Scars Struck.

The World’s Famous Supreme Team is back in the Milleneum, with assets time has not tarnished. With a touch of Old School, Soul, R&B, Jazz and the Blues, It is a sound You will be sure to welcome for years to come! They are a blast from the past, a rage in this new age. Their Jazzy rendition of “Hey DJ Steppers Delite” is sure to be a crowd pleaser within the genres. The heart felt rythmn, beats and smooth arrangements bring soothing music to the mind, body and soul.

The World’s Famous Supreme Team are still around, doing new Radio Shows, giving interviews and working on brand new music and much more.