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Cool Flex


Coolflex began his Hip-Hop career in South Jamaica Queens, New York as a independent producer and the youngest member of a well known local deejay crew called Cipher Of Sounds also from Jamaica, Queens.

Being involved in the 4 elements of hip hop in it’s early stages during the late 70’s, Coolflex took a interest to hip-hop at the early age of only 8yrs old. He first got into deejaying & grafitti in the beginning and from there he moved onto breakdance / electric boogie where he established his fame and acquired the nickname “Flex”. A few years later as the break dance faze went out of style, Flex went back to his roots and started rappin, deejaying & music production in which he met pioneer/deejay and founder Understanding of the legendary deejay crew Cipher Of Sounds. Being a studio engineer and ghost producer at Cipher Of Sound Studios, he was able to work with, produce and perform with various artists over the years and was even able to land a record deal with the help of co-host Lyvio G on 90.3(WBAU FM). The single was called ‘SOUTHSIDE”S IN DA HOUSE” which was released in 1987. From there, Flex continued to solidify his unique style and sound as a influential hip hop artist producing various artists both signed and unsigned. Now specializing in innovating new and different ways to utilize computers, Coolflex is responsible for mentoring new artists and entrepreneurs trying to establish their multi media talents on a wider scale.

He is currently the Host & Deejay of a independent internet radio show called The Coolflex Show which is now affiliated with his mentors Sedivine & Just Allah of The World’s Famous Supreme Team. Having a true love of music with a touch of technology, Coolflex is truly ahead of his time and you can see him perform “LIVE” at local functions showing off his unique deejay methods. The Coolflex Show specializes in Old School R&B, Hip-Hop, House, Dancehall & Smooth Jazz which broadcasts on WFSTS everyday from 10pm to 12am and on The Coolflex Show continuously 24 hrs a day.